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We are Not In God’s Name, a non profit organization based in Vienna Austria. Through working with renowned, accomplished and inspiring role models, we promote tolerance and integration and prevent radicalization. We work closely with various religious communities and carry out several projects including school visits, training with role models and mentoring programs.

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Not in God’s Name


Our Projects

We have designed various programs where youth can meet and interact with our inspiring role models who can show them the way of tolerance, perseverance and success.


School Visits

Book a school visit to have our role models come to your class and tell their story. Our role models come from various migration backgrounds and their story is both inspiring and motivational. The children will get to meet a renowned athlete and discuss various topics including tolerance towards one another, religion and their goals in the future.

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Training with Role Models

A training program where youth with a migration background get to train with professional athletes who share similar life stories. The program combines physical activities such as work-outs and crossfit with discussions on a variety of topics which help the participants get a better perspective about their life in Austria.

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Personal Mentoring

For specific cases, it’s also possible to book a personal mentoring program with one of our athletes. This way, the participant can train and work-out with an admired role model as well as talk in a personal and safe environment. By sharing his own story, struggles and goals, our role model can help the participant redirect their life into a positive, peaceful direction.

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Promoting tolerance between Jews, Christians and Muslims

Radicalization is a growing problem which mostly involves religion, politics or a combination of the two. While in Europe Islamic radicalization has been a major challenge which occupies governments and agencies alike, in other ...

Partners and Supporters

Not In God’s Name is supported by the city of Vienna and other local partners who enable our growth and development. We also work with other, non governmental organizations, who regularly take part in our various projects and programs. Contct Us in order to become a partner so that together we can reach more youth in need and make a long lasting positive impact in their lives.

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