To change one’s way, we must show them a better way!

We are a young, driven and multicultural team committed to radicalization prevention!

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Our Vision

We believe in the power of education and inspiration as a way to help misguided youth find a better, more peaceful way. Our vision is to reach as many young people as possible, from diverse backgrounds, and introduce them to our role models. Through our proven method, we believe we can make a difference in their lives by showing them how people, who used to be exactly like them, found enormous success in Austria. 

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Our Mission

Not In God’s Name’s mission is clear- prevent radicalization through education, sports and inspiration. We aim to promote tolerance as well as hope in the minds of our target audience by showing them a better way. Through our various programs, we can break the mental barriers and false beliefs which hold our participants back and inspire them to take responsibility, work hard and create their own success stories.

Our Team

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Partners and Supporters

Not In God’s Name is supported by the city of Vienna and other local partners who enable our growth and development. We also work with other, non governmental organizations, who regularly take part in our various projects and programs. Contct Us in order to become a partner so that together we can reach more youth in need and make a long lasting positive impact in their lives.

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